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1/2 inch Vintage Insertion Lace, $2.60 a yard

1/2 inch Vintage Insertion Lace, $2.60 a yard

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    1/2 inch Vintage Insertion Lace, $2.60 a yard
    This vintage 1/2" insertion lace was found on the original card with a label indicating the early 1900's. Although it was quite yellowed with age, it has been well cleaned so that it is that nice soft white color we associate with vintage lace. It is strong enough to sew with, so you can use it for your special project.
    The lace was in several lengths: 11 3/4 yards, 6 1/2 yards, 4 yards, 2 1/2 yards, 1 1/2 yards, and 1 yard, for a total of over 27 yards. We have found only one place in the lace which has a yellowed spot that did not come out. Yardage will be adjusted as necessary so that you will not pay for this very small section. We have listed the amount available as 26, as there is often some small loss as a result of cutting smaller lengths

    Important Ordering Information
    If you want to order more than six (6) yards of lace, please put a second or third amount in your basket. Your selection will be combined before the total yardage is cut.