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About Us

A Message from the Owner

This business was created to share my love for beautiful things and for the traditions of family and friends and the special moments that make up our lives. After some years of moving almost literally around the world, I ended up in Alabama, where family heirlooms and traditions, particularly wonderful linens and beautiful French sewing, are an everyday part of the lives of many who live in this beautiful part of the South. I fell in love with French lace, fine Swiss-made cottons, silk ribbons, and beautiful linens, both new and vintage, and began to create and then share with friends the wonderful, lasting things that help make life special…Christening gowns, special baby blankets, or beautifully monogrammed linens such as napkins or guest towels for a bride. So, in 1996, I formed Simply Wonderful Things, LLC, a business that would focus on the creation of special things to help you celebrate the important occasions in your life…the birth of a child, a wedding, a special anniversary, a gift for a hostess who made you feel like a welcome guest, and things of beauty for the most important place in the world…your home.
We also search out and buy from suppliers who have ideas similar to our own about their products, allowing us to offer you a greater variety of wonderful things. You will also find carefully selected and restored vintage things, ready for you to start a tradition of your own. Of course, life should also be fun and have a bit of whimsy, so you will also find “just for fun” things,” particularly fun things for little ones. But the emphasis is always on the handcrafted, the personalized, the luxury heirloom fabrics, the sense that this is something you will treasure for a long time.

PERSONALIZED SERVICE at Simply Wonderful Things means you can call or write and request that something be created just the way you want it. So, if you have something special you want, let us know. We may be able to create it just for you.
So, the journey from a small part-time business inside an antique store to this beautiful web site has been one where every day, for at least a moment, there was something that made my heart sing. I hope you will find something here that “makes your heart sing!”

Shirley Schooley
Simply Wonderful Things, LLC