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Red "Swirly Love" Embroidered Linen Guest Towel

Red "Swirly Love" Embroidered Linen Guest Towel

    Price: $18.00

    Code: Swirly_Love_GT

    Weight: 4.00 ounces

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    Red "Swirly Love" Embroidered Linen Guest Towel
    Beautiful "Swirly Love" embroidery on a perfect linen towel. You will love the design we have used. It's a favorite from Applique Corner. It was stitched with a high-quality rayon embroidery thread.
    • Perfect when you want a quality linen towel
    • Mid-Weight 100% Ulster Linen
    • Creamy White color with red embroidery
    • 14” x 20” (36cm x 51cm) finished size
    • Perfectly made in Europe but embroidered in Birmingham
    Please wash in cold water and line dry. To prevent the possibility of the red color transferring to the white linen, do not let the wet towel lay folded against itself.