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Beautiful Vintage Lace Galloon Beading

Beautiful Vintage Lace Galloon Beading

    Price: $7.25

    Code: VGB_half_inch_galloon_lace

    Weight: 4.00 ounces

    1 available for immediate delivery

    Beautiful Vintage Lace Galloon Beading
    One available for sale:

    Selling as one unit, this  beautiful vintage lace  is in two pieces totalling 4.5 yards -- one piece is 2 yards; the other piece is 2.5 yards. The lace width is slightly more than 1.5 inches wide.
    Lace is a pale ecru and is in excellent condition. Perfect for many projects.

    We did a fabric burn test, as the thread content was not available. We are sure this is either nylon or polyester, but our best guess is nylon. It is soft and drapes nicely.

    The price shown is for both pieces. Not available by the yard. 
    Will ship by First Class Mail unless you order other items along with this pretty lace.